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BLUE SEA MARINE SHIPPING AGENCY pleased to have this opportunity to introduce our Company to offer you full set of services in the shipping sector in Cote D' Ivories ports. We provide services of Ship's Agents, Owners Representative & Protective Agents, Husbandry Agents, Forwarding Agents, Logistics’ Operators & Coordinators, Road and Air transport, Container Depot, Customs Warehouse, Custom Agents, Survey Company, Local procurement services / ship’s chandling , Project administration / dedicated project management, and an entire range of necessary services and assistance which involves the vessels traffic and the handling of the cargo. Our company is acting around the Cote D' Ivorie ports and West African Port.
BLUE SEA MARINE SHIPPING AGENCY (abbreviated as BSMS) grown rapidly since its inception, we have kept pace with our customers, working together to provide solutions to customers reasonable shipping, saving, fast and safe. Meeting all freight needs: raw materials, machinery, container, chemical products ... and the specific requirements of customs procedures. The same team of young, enthusiastic, experienced and committed to helping us ensure full service to our customers with the highest confidence. With the rapid development in recent years, BSMS is known as one of the dynamic company, active in the field of maritime services. The company had considered the need to improve the quality of services to meet the increasing requirements of our customers.
we will make every effort to offer you the best possible service and collaboration through our abidjan head office together with all the personalized attention that you deserve. please note that we are totally open to any suggestion, comments or agreements that you might consider interesting. we are committed to quality service and the actual result will be a solid basis for the trust and long-term cooperation, actively helping customers in the manufacturing and trading. Thank you in advance for the kind attention you have granted to this letter, with the hope that this could be the beginning of a close relationship and collaboration. We are looking forward to hear from you soon.
Yours Sincerely,

Blue Sea Marine Shipping
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